Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Stupid knitting move #1

When trying to persuade spouse to pick a hideous yarn from your stash for his new mittens--because you just want to get rid of the yarn and you are trying to make a point to him about...I don't even know what not commit stupid knitting mistake #1:

Showing bag of hideous yarn to spouse in front of children...yours or someone else's. No matter how horrid you think the yarn is, and how happy you were to realize you could knit them up for the homeless (hopefully colorblind homeless), said children will perk up at the mention of mittens, and gleefully pick a color that they want for their next pair.

The ones you made them all 2 years ago are way too small now, and have each lost one of the pair anyway.  If the youngest child present realizes she really doesn't like any of these colors after all, her older sister will volunteer the pink fuzzy yarn she just got for Christmas from her Auntie.

You were already grousing to the husband about his requesting a pair of mittens when you are still working on his slippers--which he rudely failed to grow his feet big enough for, and now they must be unravelled and reknit to remove that extra 1/2 inch sticking out from the toe. Sure, he says it is fine and don't ravel and reknit, I don't mind. As IF you could stand looking at the offending slippers every time he wore them and not be irritated that his feet were the wrong size--sheesh!

So now you are already 4 pairs of mittens behind and still trying to finish the slippers that were not done in time for Christmas, and still have not found the right weight yarn for your brother's sweater. You would be 5 pairs behind, but your younger son was busy playing with his Legos in the other room when "the yarn incident" doubt the others will soon tell him about the mittens they will get shortly, so you might as well go ahead and knit 5 pairs. Oh, and didn't you promise to knit some for your Nieces-in-law last winter, and they're only half done?

It's a damn good thing I enjoy knitting, or else I'd really be in for it now.

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  1. Hey! You forgot about my pair, and Jack's! kidding, I wouldn't wear em, and I think Maggie forgot about them :) Short attention span has its silver lining.


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