Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Define "Paradise"...

At bedtime, Barley started talking eagerly about this coming summer schedule.  He is signed up for Math Enrichment again, and looking forward to it very much.  (Meanwhile, his older brother is breathing a sigh of relief that we persuaded him out of going)

When I asked what part he was looking forward to, he said, "There is pizza for lunch every day!"

"You ate pizza for lunch every single day of the 6-week program last summer?  Really?  You didn't get tired of that?"

"It was awesome, Mom!  AND, they let you bring video games to camp every day!"

Ummm, not exactly my favorite answer, but OK...."Barley, what about doing math every day?  I thought that was why you wanted to go to Math Enrichment?"

"Yeah, that's the best part!  It's pretty much a Barley Paradise!"

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