Friday, April 2, 2010

Whose Fools?

DH was in a quandary Wednesday night.

How to top last year's April Fool's joke, where he came very, very close to persuading the boys to wear their clothes inside out to school.  His reasoning was:
  • It saves wear and tear on the clothing by wearing both sides evenly
  • It saves on laundry if you turn the clothes wrong-side out after the first wearing and wear it again
Teddy, who aspires to a career in comedy someday, was all for it.  Heck, sometimes he wears his clothes inside out on purpose anyway!
Barley was the one who balked, and as he started to work himself into a fit about having to wear clothes the wrong way, DH revealed that is was an April Fool's prank.  They LOVED it!

So, what to do this year....?

He switched the contents of all the breakfast food!  The bags in the cereal boxes were switched, the pop-tarts were in the oatmeal box etc.  When the kids went to pour themselves cereal, they got the wrong kinds--oh, bedlam!

I am not so into the pranks, being the grumpy one in the house.  I tolerate the boys inviting me to see something in their room, so they can pull a plastic snake across the carpet, or when they hang a toy shark by the front door to swing menacingly as you leave the house.

However, it was certainly a day to savor little moments.  I think the boys will gleefully remember the April Fool's pranks for years to come.

Which reminds me of  Teddy's first ever April Fool's joke, when he was about 3:

"Mommy, there's a spider on your head!" 

That worked the first couple of times, but I did learn not to fall for it again.  Especially when the kid tried to vary the joke, replacing "spider" with "elephant", or "monkey"....

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  1. We just got a bunch of attitude from a surly teen this year. Nothing nearly as fun.


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