Saturday, March 13, 2010

He's breathing my air!

DH and I both work from home at different times.  I am blessed to work for a boss who totally understands and values work-life balance.  DH is contracting, so the dining room is his office.

Lately, we've been thrown together more often than we are used to.  With us taking turns being sick and caregiving, we've just been cooped up together a lot lately.

DH and a friend were comparing caretaking styles when spouses are sick.  DH is more of a nurturer, so he will check in to see what I need and try to comfort when the demands of work and kids allow time.  I am more focused on keeping the house running and in good shape, and have to remind myself to check on him.  The children are demanding enough that I can't possibly forget them, of course.  Our friend takes her children out of the house, leaving a peaceful environment for the invalid to rest.

DH mentioned to our friend that it was throwing him off having me home more often lately.  I am holed up in my office on conference calls and video demos, peeking out in between.  I come out and interrupt him in the dining room on my schedule, not his.  He knows not to bother me when the office door is closed, but he has no such way of blocking me off when he is concentrating on a report.

This exchange amused me, because I had been thinking exactly the same thing lately.  I am used to emerging from my cave to forage for snacks, and then retreat back to work.  When I come out, I feel obliged to chitchat with my husband.  Since I have interrupted him to complain or brag about something, then I also have to listen patiently as he does the same.

This post's title is a direct quote from another friend, who was disgruntled when her husband quit his once weekly bowling league.  She had been enjoying her Tuesday night "Mommy and me" time with her child, and then having a quiet house, after his bedtime, to watch whatever she wanted on TV.  She could snack without anyone fussing at her or wanting some too.  "He's breathing my air!" she complained, cracking up all her girlfriends over dinner.

I guess we all just need our alone time, don't we?


  1. "He's breathing my air" is such a sibling statement, don't you think?

  2. Oh, totally! My boys were forever complaining, "He's looking out my (car) window!"


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