Monday, March 15, 2010

Too True...challenges in getting sleep

I owe this post to Good Mom, Bad Mom, who alerted me to Christoph Nieman's Abstract City Blog.

See the rest of his brilliant and funny drawings on sleep challenges by reading the rest of Good Night, Tough Luck.

At our house, there are 2 of them climbing in with us, and one is almost as tall as I am.  DH plans to issue an eviction notice when the oldest is an official teenager.  Not far off now.

Actually, one funny co-sleeping story looks more like this image:

A few years ago, I was snuggling Barley early one weekend morning, when I sensed my older child approaching.  He stood at the side of the bed waiting for a minute, and I figured he wanted his turn being snuggled.  Sleepily, I told him, "Sorry Teddy, you'll have to go around to and snuggle Daddy.  Barley got here first this morning."

I heard an indignant intake of breath, and a squeaky proclamation, "I Barley!"

I opened by eyes to see Barley staring at his usurping older brother, and the "little" boy I had my arms around was indeed Teddy.  These days I can tell if it is Teddy when he can reach the hot water bottle keeping my toes warm at the foot of the bed!

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  1. Much as I've been annoyed at times throughout the YEARS and YEARS of co-sleeping, I miss those bodies next to mine.


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