Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In Sickness and in Health

Where have I been?  Mostly lying in bed trying to cough up a lung.  After a week of that nonsense, I am finally feeling better and even back at work.  Around 7:30pm though, my lungs still fill up like water balloons on a hot summer day, so I am trying to get to bed early and continue recuperating most nights.  Doesn't leave a lot of time for blogging.

Lying in bed watching daytime television, I had a lot of time to just ponder some things.  I was struck by how much I appreciate my marriage when I am sick.  It is an amazing thing to know that your partner in life is picking up the slack for you, taking care of you, and taking care of the important parts of your life. 

If I were a single parent, I could hire a nanny of course, but it would never be the same.  DH and I are on this parenting trek together, and after 11 years of highs and lows, we agree on what is important, what is necessary, what we can  let slide for another day.

If I were single without kids, I would have fewer worries, but no one to come care for me when I need a bowl of soup or ice cream.  Two little worried faces checked on me each evening at bedtime, blowing kisses across the room to help me get better quick.

And since it's been ages since my mother draped a wet washcloth across my forehead to ease a fever, it's nice to know that someone will still come check on me and make sure I have enough tissues, hot tea, cough drops, or medicine.

Now, if we can all just stay well for another week, I might actually have the energy to thank him properly.


  1. That cut a funny image...Dad and I both still put the cold, wet rag over our heads for headaches. I don;t think it does anything but comfort.

  2. Of course, you just did.

    You're right, though--it's those times when we need someone else to carry the weight a bit more that we realize (sometimes to our shock!) that there's someone there who will actually do that!

    And now...back into the fray!

  3. My comment just got swallowed whole! I shall try again.

    Very blessed, this life you have, even in illness.

  4. You are right, Patois. I am terrible about remembering it, so maybe God needs to knock me down a peg occasionally so I take the time to remember.


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