Sunday, May 9, 2010

Things I have learned from my kids

Today's post is inspired by this one that lives on in email chains forever.
  1. Magic Eraser can take crayon off a painted wall without damaging the paint.  A paste made of baking soda and water can take paint off the wall without damaging the crayon marks.
  2. Dried boogers can be removed from a wall by placing wet toilet paper over it for a minute.  This returns them to their original consistency for easier removal.
  3. One warm child snuggled in bed with you in the morning is cuddly.  One on each side is a recipe for backache.
  4. It's easier to just let them tell the 57th knock-knock joke in a row than listen to them whine if you refuse.
  5. Korean wake-up service is more fun to give than to receive.  (Involves 2 small children jumping on the bed on either side of you, yelling, "Wake up, wake up, it's time to get up!)
  6. I can be more patient than my mother would ever have imagined.
  7. I yell a lot when I am angry.
  8. Cooking good food that is eaten heartily is very satisfying.
  9. Cooking good food that is rejected instantly is very aggravating.
  10. I regret that lack of the proper enzyme prevents me from drinking alcohol.  Even more as a parent than when I was in college.
  11. Changing poopy diapers is not so objectionable when it is your own baby.  Then again, they start off pretty mild, and get more pungent slowly over time.  I think that is intentional, don't you?
  12. Parenting requires more muscles and brain cells than anything else I have ever tried in my life.  Nothing has challenged, thrilled, frustrated, gratified, and rewarded me more than raising my boys.
What improbable things have you learned from your offspring?

to all the Moms reading this blog--I hope your day is as fantastic as mine is going to be.  I understand it will begin with church, have lots of roses in the middle, and end with fried rice, and that's just about the best thing ever!

To paraphrase Jack Nicholson from the movie, "As Good As It Gets,"

"They make me want to be a better Mom."


  1. Well, that's strange, because you're already the BEST! We're all lucky to have you...and there's not a chance in the world I could do this without you. Happy Mothers' Day, dear!

  2. As for number 5, I can tell you that as a recipient they are much more interesting when you are hungover or still drunk and don't want Mom to know!!

    Happy Mother's Day Sis.

  3. All righty, #6 and #7 are definitely keepers for me. Regarding #1, I've got to say that using Magic Erasers is a learned skill. No one under the age of 14 has yet acquired said skill.


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