Sunday, June 27, 2010

Belated Father's Day

We had a guest last weekend, and decided it would be too awkward to try to do our usual Father's Day routine (laze around the house in our PJs while DH watches sports on TV) with my nephew visiting.  So he graciously agreed to postpone Father's Day until this weekend.  And then he got hosed because Saturday I was already hosting my book club, and Sunday is a playdate for the boys.  So, we are cobbling together some special time here an there to make it up to him.

In recognition of his sacrifice, and general great job at being Dad to not-the-easiest kids to raise, here is my list of Top Six Reasons DH is an AWESOME Father:
  1. He is here.  Day in, day out, he backs me up when I need time away, or the 2 boys are just 2 too many
  2. He provides good role-modeling for how a man should relate to a woman.  No gender oppression, willing to do his part of domestic chores, equal work, equal partners.
  3. He loves to play games--any games.  Where I will suffer through a Pokemon game for the sake of my youngest child, DH actually enjoys playing with the boys.
  4. He is teaching them to enjoy music.  They both inherited the musical gene from him.  Often, my favorite sound is silence.  Thanks to DH's influence, we now have a piano in the house, and a drum set in the garage.  And I own a lot of ear plugs.
  5. He cares more about family than about celebrating himself.  Hence his easy agreement to the proposed delay of Father's Day celebrations.  When other dads were being treated to a buffet lunch, DH was standing on line to yet another roller coaster with his son and nephew.
  6. He works all weekend to host a Dungeons and Dragons game for the boys and 3 friends.  He enjoys it, but it is a lot of work.  Only the love of his sons could motivate him.


  1. you. That was very sweet, and one of the best Father's Day presents ever! But it's hard to feel like I'm being all altruistic playing D&D with the boys when I get such a kick out of it myself! As for the rest of's all about teamwork. We know our strengths and we make them blend as best we can to keep this crazy family afloat. And I'm more aware now than ever that I'm the luckiest man in the world to have all of you.

  2. Well, if your post wasn't perfect enough, DH goes and pushes it over the top with his comment.


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