Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Capitola Book Cafe discovery

DH and I love bookstores, but rarely have time to linger in them.  We are usually trailing after or being trailed by 2 active boys, who also love books, but in a very physical, crease the pages, bend the spine kind of way.  While this is to be expected with books from home, and can be gotten away with on library books which are already pretty beat up, it gets fairly expensive in bookstores.

At the last book fair, I impressed upon Barley to be very careful with the goods.   When I suggested we get  a hardcover book that he was eyeing at the library instead (he will never read it more than once), he asked me how much they cost at the library?  Our library had been closed a long time, and I usually handled the checkout process while they were absorbed in their reading.  The poor lad had no idea they were actually FREE if you return them on time.

It was a treat when DH proposed that we spend date night at the Capitola Book Cafe for a book signing by a favorite author.  We eagerly left the boys with the babysitter and a hot pizza, and headed toward this independent bookstore.  When we arrived, the authors were already set up with microphones, and stacks of books to sign.

I love hearing books read out loud.  I still remember my fourth grade teacher reading to us after lunch every day, and being heartbroken if I was sick and missed a day of school.  (Oddly enough, my teacher mother hardly ever read to us.)  We still read to our boys most nights, and I scurry upstairs with my knitting when DH is reading, so as not to miss a second of it.  When you have a favorite author, hearing them read their own words, introducing you to their newest book, is even more special!

Both authors did readings, which would be broadcast over NPR after editing, and then lines formed for autographs.  I should say, *a* line formed.  One author was very popular (the one we had come to hear), and the other...well, he is a new author.  Still, I felt a little bad for him.  His stuff had been interesting, so I nudged DH and we bought one of his books too, and asked him to sign it.

The Yelp reviews for Capitola Book Cafe tell of its intimate atmosphere.  There is a great coffee bar serving your favorite fancy caffeinated beverage in a mug that could serve as a soup bowl.  They have some used books as well, and old National Geographics are always plentiful and cheap.  When we found ourselves in Capitola again a few weeks later, we all indulged in some new reading material.  My purchase was the Calligraphers's Daughter, which I mentioned in my Kimchi Mamas post yesterday.

Wonder when we will find time to wander over the hill again...


  1. Congrats on the Kimchi Mamas gig. I read your introductory post and really enjoyed it.

  2. Thanks! I'm pretty excited about it, though I am still not sure where this blogging avocation of mine is heading.


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