Thursday, June 24, 2010

BEWARE! -tooth Fairy

Some blog posts just write themselves.  Or have ghost writers.  Or should I say, Fairy writers...

Barley has had 2 wiggly teeth bothering him for about 2 weeks now.  Just wiggly enough to make biting down on something unpleasant, but not wiggly enough to come out...yet.

One of them finally came out last night, and DH instructed Barley to put it inside a plastic baggie before it went under his pillow.  I thought DH was worried about blood spots, but he shrugged, and whispered, it is really hard to find a tiny tooth under the pillow of a sleeping child without waking him.  Well, the Tooth Fairy has managed just this for generations, but, whatever.

Anyway, Barley lost his other tooth tonight, and was telling me about both the dollar that he got this morning, AND the note.  Note?  What note?  DH and I both glanced at each other questioningly.  Here is the note: (I added the staples and background so it would scan.  Click on the picture to make it bigger)

DH and I were completely perplexed, and throwing each other querying looks, but neither daring to say anything.  Barley was not fooled for a minute, though, and he accused his brother of writing it.  After a minute, Teddy confessed, having been inspired by his recent Far Side mania.  We all had a good laugh over it.  Then DH warned Teddy that he had better watch out.  Since Barley lost his other tooth tonight, the Tooth Fairy was coming back, and she might not take kindly to being impersonated!

Funny, Teddy didn't really seem very worried.


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