Monday, June 21, 2010

Leafy Seadragon

We've been having a LOVELY weekend hanging out with my nephew who is visiting us from the East Coast.  He is an artist, in the fine art sense, and he has been encouraging my boys to draw for him on T-shirts and cards.  We took our East Coast relative down to the Monterey Aquarium for his first glimpse of the Pacific Ocean, and a gander at our exotic Pacific sea life.  He was blown away by the Weedy Sea Dragon, and we all grinned, knowing he would be even further impressed by its cousin the Leafy Sea Dragon.

Below is Barley's rendition of the Leafy Sea Dragon, executed at his cousin's request, since Barley specializes in dragon art.  It was fun standing by, watching the other visitors check out his handiwork over his shoulder as he drew.  I felt like the mother of a famous artist watching him work.

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