Monday, July 12, 2010

Barley's writing assignment

Barley brought this home during the school year.  It was a writing assignment, and in it he clearly remembers our trip to Florida a few years ago, and the goldfish pond in my brother's backyard.  I like the (not-to-scale) drawing of the crane's wingspan on the top of the page.

He also remembers his other Aunt and Uncle's visit for his baptism (blogged here), wherein he was plied with a bible and ice cream for being good.

To see it bigger and read it yourself, doubleclick on the image, then use your browser VIEW menu to Zoom in.

We live so far from family, we don't see either side very often.  It makes me happy that he remembers the few occasions when we have visited.


  1. It makes me happy too! Thank You Barley xo Aunt Jayne

  2. Wow, this is super cute! That Barley sure is an introspective one...


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