Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tween to Teen

We've been doing a lot of camping this week.  Teddy and I just returned from a week in Monterey Big Sur's Pico Blanco Scout Reservation.  There is a very detailed wiki page here.  The reservation, originally donated by William Randolph Hearst to the Scouts, was saved from the 2008 wildfire in the area, thanks to dedicated firefighters, many of them Eagle Scouts.

As we sorted through camping gear for this trip, we realized we need to upgrade Teddy's gear and clothing.  The cartoon embellished flashlights and toothbrush were not going to be acceptable for this weeklong camp-out with "big boys" of 15-17.

Despite my concerns about Teddy being the youngest of the group at age 11, he did well joining in with the others.  The teasing boy whom I was most concerned about, actually turned out to the one I liked the most by the end of the trip.  Behind the teasing, sarcastic facade, he was quite considerate, if a little bossy.  The older boys watched out for the younger boys, and while there was some teasing and some hurt feelings, mostly the exchanges were good-natured.

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