Monday, October 18, 2010

The perils of flying

Visiting some friends in the city, we went to one of those awesome new attractions this weekend:  House of Air trampoline park in San Francisco's Presidio. The boys had a GREAT time bouncing off the walls (literally!) with their friend...for the first 8 minutes.  Then Barley bounced on a trampoline where an adult jumped right after him.  From what was described later, there was no actual collision, but the second bounce of the heavier adult jarred Barley in such a way that he twisted his ankle badly.  A supervising employee had to carry him off the trampoline floor, and we put ice on it.  His brother and friend, after making sure Barley's injury was being attended to, ran off to maximize their utility for the remainder of the hour.  Poor Barley was stuck with just the game apps on his dad's cell phone to wile away the time.

This was definitely a bummer.  Barley was not able to walk on that foot the rest of the weekend, missing a soccer game the next day.  After spending an hour in urgent care, getting an x-ray, and doctor's exam, the conclusion was a sprain--wrap it, ice it every 6 hours, no running, no soccer for a week.

We sent Barley in to school with a note to that effect, only to have him come home today, saying his ankle felt good at recess so he played tag.  Go figure.  We'll see if he's singing the same tune when it is time to go to practice in the rain...

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