Saturday, October 2, 2010

Why he really wanted that pumpkin

Yesterday was the school Harvest Festival--an annual gala celebration of silly games, corny DJs, more bouncy-houses galore, and tacky trinkets for sale, all toward the laudable goal of school fundraising.  With this being our seventh year of attendance, the event has long since lost its shine for us adults, who mainly hope the tri-tip sandwiches will live up to their reputation and the noise won't be too loud.

We plop down at some tables in the middle of all the kinder running around, remind them to check-in with us regularly, and let them loose.  With it being a relatively closed environment, and all the parents and teachers knowing which kids go with which adults, it is a safe-enough environment to let them hang out with their friends.  If we actually have to hunt them down for any reason, it is do-able.

One silly game that Barley plays every year is the Pumpkin Walk.  You walk along a plastic mat with numbered pumpkins on a path as music plays.  When the music stops, you stand still while the booth-operator calls out a number.  If you are the lucky child standing on the number, you get to pick a free pumpkin.

These are small decorator pumpkins that can sit on a table or sideboard.  Not even big enough to scoop out and carve properly.  Sharpie pen or crayon is the best way to decorate it.  We warned both boys that if they played this game, they would have to carry the pumpkins around and home.  Teddy skipped it, but Barley went right for it, "winning" a pumpkin easily and quickly.  Since he won't even carve the larger pumpkins with me, we wondered why he wanted it.  On the way home, the mystery was solved:

"Mom, can you make canned pumpkin out of this?"

Someone is hoping for some pumpkin bread!


  1. Send a bit up my way. I'm not THAT far away.

  2. They should put one can of pumpkin in the game. It would confuse a lot of kids!

  3. That is SO funny! It's always amazing to how kids' minds work.


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