Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Separate Peace

While cleaning out the boys rooms in preparation of them getting separate bedrooms, we discovered the missing lock key that used to be in the hallway for accidental lockouts.  It turned out that Teddy hid it to prevent Barley from bothering him in the bathroom.  Teddy sometimes barricades himself in their shared bathroom when tension escalates between the boys.

When we asked Barley about this issue, he shrugged his shoulders and said he just puts his shoes in front of the door and goes to play his computer games.  I asked him if this was to trip his brother on the way out.  Barley's clarification?
"No, the shoes are to make it look like I am still waiting for him outside."

Teddy denies ever being fooled by the ruse.  We'll never know the truth.

Phase I of The Great Bedroom Separation endeavor is complete.  The toy room has been shoveled out, large quantities of toys and stuffed animals have been discarded, and the beds have been moved.  There are still posters to rehang, closets to purge and organize, etc.  The contents of the toy room have been barfed all over our living room as we sort, assign, and hopefully discard.

However, the main objective of having the boys sleeping in separate rooms has been accomplished.  When asked in the morning how it was, Barley reported being able to go to sleep easier at night without his brother chatting at him.  Teddy reported being able to sleep longer in the morning without his brother waking him at 6:30 to play video games.  Sounds like a win-win all around.


  1. Another step in their growing up. I had to wait for my sister to get married to have my own room!

  2. I, too, shared a room as a child, finally breaking free at the age of 13 from my older, prettier, smarter sister.


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