Monday, November 29, 2010

Tie a Knot and Hang On

We are trying yet another new technique to manage Barley's anger.  He has a special string given to him by his Occupational Therapist, and every time he feels himself heading toward a melt-down, but manages to control his emotions and get calm on his own, he gets to tie a knot in the string.

Once he gets 10 knots, he can earn a treat.  This is very similar to the advice given to us by the genius child psychiatrist who first suggested occupational therapy, so it is good to be reminded.

Barley earned his first knot today.  He didn't like what I was serving for dinner (what else is new?), and also disdained any of our healthful suggestions of other foods he could get himself to fill his stomach.  He was angling for dessert and when denied, headed into the other room and started sniffing loudly to himself.  I started to get very agitated, as this is usually the precursor to World War III, but DH reminded me to let him be upset and figure out what to do about it on his own.  Barley headed upstairs, and we heard the sound of sandpaper on wood.

We sent Teddy up to investigate, as either parental unit was more likely to trigger an explosion, and when Teddy did not immediately return, we guessed that Barley was actually helping Teddy with a sanding project on his new bed.  Good Boy!


  1. Small step in the right direction. You are so much better a parent than I was. We didn't let kids find their own way. We just fought the war.

  2. Good boy! And good brother and parents.


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