Thursday, November 11, 2010

What goes around...

Scant weeks after laughing my butt off at my dear husband when he finally broke down to get bifocals (because he's OLD, you know!), I find myself needing to take my glasses off when I read.  Damn, Karma is a B!tch!

Aging beats the alternative.  I contemplate my multiple gray hairs daily now.  My (older!!!!) brothers will no doubt be delighted reading this post.  I don't have too many, but they are stark and bright in my midnight black tresses.  I've been plucking for a few years, but they arrive with back-up now.  The plucked hairs taunt me in the mirror as they grow back.  They wave in the wind, standing straight up for the first first few inches.  Being of short stature, I know everyone I encounter notices them, wondering when I will buckle and start dyeing.  To dye or not to dye...once I cross over, it will be a lifelong endeavor.  Not yet, Precious, but probably soon...


  1. It's when you decide to not dye anymore that you start to feel old! When the color doesn't make you feel young anymore and it becomes to much trouble to do. Then you figure, hey, I am what I am.

  2. It just reenforces Gunny's belief that he did not have a gray hair in his head because he never had any children of his own to give them to him!!

    But he shaved every day to hide the gray hair on his face.

  3. I would have seen this earlier, but I kept forgetting to check in and read new entries. You know how it is with us bifocle-wearing old folks!! Hmph!

  4. Don't give in. Go gray. I've got the dark hair, too. I'll go gray if you will. (Okay, having never been a girl, I'll be gray regardless of what you do, but I'll pretend it's because you do!)

  5. @Anonymous, I was really hoping to continue Dad's tradition of no gray hair at all.

    @Patois, We'll see how it comes in. If it looks OK, I may let it stay natural.

  6. @Merikay--that makes a lot of sense. We'll see how this plays out.


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