Thursday, November 4, 2010


Tuesday's post reminded me of a story my Mom told that illustrated beautifully how colorblind children can be.  She taught 3rd grade in a public school back East, and the area was largely Caucasian.  Our white family with 2 adopted daughters from Korea stood out.

One day when I was visiting my mother at school (I would hang out with her when my elementary school was closed on a day her district was open), we were on line in the hallway waiting to go to lunch.  A fellow teacher was walking her class past us, when one of the students grabbed her hand, pointed to me, and asked who I was.  The other teacher, Ms. F, explained that I was Mrs. C's daughter, and visiting for the day.

The astounded child responded, rather loudly, that "that girl" couldn't possibly be Mrs. C's daughter... The mortified teacher moved the class quickly out of earshot, and took the verbose child aside to have this private conversation:
OK, Johnny, I assure you "that girl" is indeed Mrs. C's daughter.  Why don't you think it could be?

Ms. F prepared to have a discussion about race and family.  Instead, this was the response Johnny gave; 

Mrs. C has a son who taught us physical education last year.  She's too OLD to have a daughter that young!

Gotta LOVE how colorblind young children can be.  Not AGE-blind, though, I guess!


  1. I'm glad that not every incident you had here in NE WASP land was related to your race. However, just think how it was for "Mean Mrs. C's" grandchildren being in the same school. Most children in the school believed that she was an alien sent to earth and could not have a life or family outside of the classroom. Or that she was called "gramsbear" I know because I have met several of them in their adult lives.

  2. I'm loving the post and the comment equally!


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