Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Where's the White Glove?

One cute Halloween story from last week, which I think also reflects the multi-culturalism of the Bay Area, is when I overheard one of the mothers from Barley's room talking to his classmate.  The boy was wearing a fedora hat, and a cloth blazer.  He could have been taken for almost anything--old time G-man, businessman, whatever.  The other parent gamely asked if he was dressed up as a gangster.  Now, some necessary background information is that this child is of Vietnamese background, and looks completely 100% Asian.  But hey, it's Halloween, we don't have to stereotype by race or ethnicity, right?

After all, when invited to a Disney themed Halloween party for grownups, I opted to be a lady pirate a la  Pirates of the Caribbean, rather than Mulan, the only Asian Disney female I can think of.  I suppose I could pass for Pocahontas too.  BORING.  Pirates have more fun!

Anyway, the costumed child looked incredulously at the friendly parent and said indignantly, "No, not a gangster!  I'm Michael Jackson!"

I came to her rescue, exclaiming, "Of course you are, honey!  We just didn't recognize you without your white glove!"

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