Friday, February 25, 2011

What not to do in rainy weather

It is forecast for freezing cold rain the next few days, into the weekend.  We might even see snow in San Jose, but I'm not betting on it sticking.  I know my East Coast friends and relations will have no pity when I whine about the temperature, so I'll just put on all my woolens and try to stay wrapped up with the heater nearby.  Chicken stock is already in the thermal cooker for chicken noodle soup tomorrow.

Even expecting to host a pinewood derby playdate for Barley's friends and all the madness that will entail (we are setting the track up inside the house again), this weekend will be much more restful and relaxing than last.  I am recovering from the cold that had me fully in its grip last weekend.  And sniffling and coughing away, I sat in the pouring rain for several hours last Saturday to watch Barley play in a soccer tournament (in February?  Really?  Whose bright idea was this again?!).  The only thing keeping me from throwing a full-on pity party was the knowledge that my youngest child had to actually PLAY SOCCER in the freezing rain with no coat, no blanket, wearing shorts!  Then he and his father got to get up at 6am to play game 3 on Sunday (luckily there was no rain).  All that for 5 minutes of playing time in the last game. Sigh.

DH called home en route from Game 3, and told me they had lost. This meant they didn't make the championship game, and that would allow us to drive to Tahoe earlier.  I was relieved. (Does that make me a bad mom?)  We were meeting friends for a day of snow play.  The boys haven't seen snow for a few years, and opted out of ski lessons to just hang out instead.

 Monday, we found a neighborhood hill, and the boys commenced with snowball fights (Barley's favorite), building forts, burying each other in snow, and sledding.

I sat wrapped in blankets trying not to get sicker.  Then home again, to clean the house for this coming weekend, and a teaching gig at 6:30am the next day.  Big Sigh.  Glad to have that marathon behind me.

My personal weather forecast for this weekend calls for lots of hot cocoa.


  1. The best remedy for a cold or flu is SLEEP! Spend the day in your PJ's and exaggerate a bit and the rest of the family will take pity.

  2. Ski weeks are definitely not for the sick among us! Hope the cold lifts -- both within you and outside -- and you stay warm for a long time.

  3. My heart of hearts bleed for YOU!!!

    WE are at 7'+ of snow in our yard and still have another month of winter. There is no place left to put the snow and I've had to rake to roof several times. I am not complaining, we choose to stay in frozen brain country but I have no pity if you have to put an extra sweater on. I would put mine on but it is still several pieces while you complain that it is so cold that you don't want to anything but curl up under your homemade blanket.

  4. @Anonymous: With loving encouragement like that, I can't imagine why I'm not done with this sweater already. Go put on that Mr. Rogers sweater your sons made fun of--maybe it will make you nicer.

    @Merikay and Patois: Thank you both. SOME people know how to be kind.

  5. Whenever I get chilly (you know, when it gets down to 58 or so), I just put on this wonderfully soft blue sweatshirt I got for Christmas from my bro-in-law. Very nice present, and it's not like HE needs anything to keep him warm or anything! ;)


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