Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Winnebago Career

Things have been crazy busy around here, as you can tell by my lack of posting.  Work has been the biggest challenge, but being sick, and then DH being under the weather have also contributed.  My biggest distraction in the last week was the departure of my manager of the last few years.  She has been AWESOME, and I am going to miss her influence very much.  She is moving on, as people and life have a way of doing, and this means changes at my job, of course, which makes us all a little uneasy.

Fortunately, her boss is someone I get along with, and he proved years ago that he values my contribution, when he talked me into staying after I had resigned.  And while I know that is supposed to be a bad idea (to stay after you have quit), it has actually worked out quite well.

Anyway, I usually avoid blogging or posting on Face*Book about anything work-related (you never know who might be reading!), but I had to share a funny dream I had while processing all this work-stress.  Now, I've been having a lot of work-related dreams since learning my boss was moving on--not all of them have been enlightening, or fun, or even restful.  

In this dream, I am driving a giant Winnebago (Merikay, are you listening?), and I am trying to get it to go down one particular street, to get to a certain destination.  In the dream, it is just a parking lot, but I needed to get there.  This is a HUGE vehicle, and I can't seem to turn the wheel hard enough to go where I want it to--I just keep going straight, passing all the avenues that would take me to the right place. 

Suddenly, the Winnebago and I are up on a sidewalk, and I need to find a way to build a ramp that is 3 feet high, so I can drive off the sidewalk and get back to my route.

Did I mention that among other challenges at work, I am trying to get promoted?  Does anyone else see the analogy my subconscious has made?  The best part of this?  I was telling some girlfriends about this, and one noted, "Well, at least you have a bathroom, right?  And a kitchenette?"

And that is the funny part of this analogy.  I have been very comfortable in my job/career so far--I have work that I enjoy, flexibility to work the schedule and location around my family's requirements, and enough to live on, even in the Bay Area.  Not that we're rich (oops, I have to finish that other post series, don't I?), or anything.  But we are comfortable.  So here I am, counting my blessings again, even as I try to reach for that brass ring.


  1. Maybe you have been reading about my dream, and included it in yours!

    .I think the he important thought in this dream is you are trying to go toward your goal, you are not running away from something!

  2. I do believe Merikay's point has major merit.

    Or maybe you just want to go on a road trip.


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