Thursday, July 21, 2011

Family Reunion

Summer is always an insane time of year for us, as family schedules go wonky with children heading to different summer programs. My youngest child especially does not do as well with the constant changes in routine, as summer vacations interrupt the regular rhythms of life. He enjoys the vacations, we all do, but it adds a bit of stress.

In June, we did some driving, and met up with family at a reunion of long-lost cousins. With my family's adoptions and re-marriages, and bi-coastal relations, I had not seen many relatives from my mother's first husband's family before. These were my brother's cousins by birth/genetics. Although none of us hail by that family surname, we were all included. It was funny to see my nephew and his cousins stand together, and see the resemblance that was strong enough they could have been brothers.

Since I myself am adopted, as is my husband, such similarities in genome always seem uncanny to me. While my youngest child is undoubtedly my clone, our oldest is such a blend of his Caucasian father, and Korean me, that he looks like neither of us very much. He does resemble his brother though, or so people tell us all the time. We tend to see their differences more when we look at them.

Ah, family. It was good to spend time with my brother, and his extending family (wife, sons, daughters-in-law,and granddaughter). We don't do that enough.

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  1. Jomama's nephews and their cousins had never met eachother but within ten minutes they were acting like they got together every weekend!! But most of all, we here on the right coast are most grateful that the left coast part of the clan were as crazy as we are. Also it was great to know that we share a common heritage and threads of memory.


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