Saturday, July 23, 2011

Giant Fish

June vacation included a trip to San Diego, where we hit SeaWorld. Oldest child plunked down to play that ring-toss over a bottle neck game--you know, the one no one ever wins? And he WON! This giant fish was so big, it could not be dragged around the park--I had to take it back to the car.

It put me in mind of my older brother taking my sister and me to Bush Gardens in Florida years ago. Being athletically inclined, he pitched softballs into a narrow necked urn, and won a giant stuffed bear--as big as I was! Delighted, he selected which bear, and turned to hand it to my sister and me...and then realized there were 2 of us, and we had separate rooms. He would have to try for another one. Just $5 more, and he succeeded! He was then politely asked to leave the booth.

I remember our parents' dismay when they saw us carrying these giant bears back to the rental car (we must have had a van for 5 of us, else they would never have fit). We had flown down to FL, and would have to somehow bring the bears back on the plane! Lots of extra-tough lawn/leaf bags and duct tape, and very kind airport personnel got them safely home (this was before all the hijackings, terrorism, and $50 extra bag limits). Before leaving Florida, I remember that one of the bears, which stood on four legs, gave the motel manager a heart attack when he investigated the maid's report of a "large dog" in our room.

Anyway, as I hauled the giant fish back to our car, I received two types of reactions from the people I passed. Children under 10 gaped, pointed, and exclaimed, "Mommy/Daddy, I want one of THOSE!"

The parents who caught my eye looked sympathetic, yet relieved, as in, "You poor schmoe--better you than me!"

The dang thing took up 1/2 the minivan rear (with seat folded down) and all the walking space in our hotel room. Youngest son ended up with it in his room, and can no longer reach the window. Sigh.

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  1. What fun! And it now becomes a family tradition! Maybe someday he will win one for his own kid, or a niece or nephew.


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