Thursday, August 11, 2011

How to tell your Papa loves you

We had dinner while on vacation at DH's favorite restaurant: Claim Jumpers. He ordered filet mignon, drooling for some steak, but trying to keep his diet a little under control ("No, of course I don't want a cherry on top of my sundae, I'm on a diet!").

I don't remember what Teddy and I ordered...some variant on steak, no doubt.  The memorable part was that Barley ordered the kid's menu sliders.  Two plain burgers was all he wanted.  No cheese, no ketchup, nada.  You'd think a great restaurant could handle something simple like that, right?  Even Denny's has good burgers.

Well, it turned out the kids burgers were not as good as Denny's.  Unsurprised that our youngest child's finicky palate had found something unacceptable, DH tried one himself.  Yuck.  Dried out, and too salty.  DH gave Barley a sliver of his filet mignon to taste instead.  Now, we don't eat steak at home that often, so Barley looked at the proferred bite with some suspicion and much trepidation.  We all watched his face for the reaction.

And it lit up like Christmas!  Mmmmm, and a BIG smile.  DH cut off more pieces, and as his modest but oh-so-tasty beef delicacy disappeared off his plate and into Barley's mouth, he resigned himself to eating two plain, not even any cheese, sliders.

I tried to explain to Barley how much his father must love him to trade his filet mignon, cooked to medium perfection, for salty burgers.  He smiled at his Dad and said a cursory "Thanks".  I caught DH's eye and commisserated.  "I" understood how much love that meant.  And now that I think of it, I am pretty sure I had pasta with chicken, as it never occurred to me to offer up part of my dinner to either of them.  It would have been better than the burgers, but could not have replaced the lost filet.


  1. Making the decision to have children - It's momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart walk around outside your body

  2. re the last comment. I was not that insightful. The author is unknown

  3. My DH's favorite restaurant is Claim Jumper's too! =)


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