Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Recycled Resolutions

Nothing original this year.  3 simple remixes from last year:

Eat Less/Exercise More/Get rid of Crap from the house

I made some progress on the diet/exercise thing last year, but have slid backward again after August with work stress and holiday binging.  Will try to fix both now.  I have been testing out a new pedometer from a friend.  I walk much less when I am working--didn't expect as big a difference as I have seen, though:  3000 steps vs. 300!  I wonder if it doesn't work as well clipped to my waistband (work clothes) vs. in my pocket (jeans at home).

The 3rd is motivated by my longstanding history as a hoarder, which I learned at my mother's knee as a child. This link posted by a friend on FB reminded me why I want to clear some of that stuff out of my life.

We had a productive weekend as Barley invited me to help him clean up his room, which included getting rid of lots of toys from his closet.  We also cleared out space in the garage for the Foosball table and the punching bag.  Now we need lamps and heaters for this newly usable space. (more stuff to buy!)

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