Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Time with Friends is a Big Rock

So, to put the title of this post into perspective, there is a story told by Steven Covey about making priorities in your life.  If you haven't heard about the "Big Rocks in Life", You can read it here.  It's worth a look.

Work has been a bear since last September, and add in the holiday stress, New Year's annual tax and paperwork travail, and I've been feeling a bit blue lately.

This week and last, I did something I have not had time to do in quite a long time.  A sew meet with my girlfriends.  Even though I was tired, and lots on my mind, like shaping my children to be productive and pleasant citizens of society, and world peace, I went anyway tonight.

We chatted, made each other laugh, embarrassed whatever children were present.  And there is just something in that mix of nonsense that releases some endorphins or something.  I am still stressed about work, but a little less so.  I am still worried about the state of the world, but a little less so.  Still wishing I didn't have decades ahead of me of working, striving, saving, etc., but a little less so.

Time with friends is one of the Big Rocks in my life.  I'm going to try harder not to let the sand take up all the space.


  1. Glad to see you back on here, I hope the blog squeezes itself into big rock status as well! No matter how many gazillion grains of sand you have in the many details you manage daily, those big rocks have to come first. I'll try to help make that work a bit better for you.

  2. Nice! I think that's my problem, too! I tend to treat everything equally, so the dishes get the same care and attention as, say, reading to Maddie, or balancing the checkbook, and by the end of the day I just run out of time, and there are my big rocks, sitting in a pile in the corner.



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