Saturday, November 10, 2012

Finished Objects

I can't claim to huge success with my resolutions this year, but if you read my last blog post, you'll see I am making progress on all 3:  Eat Less/Exercise More/Get Rid of Stuff.

Um, OK, maybe the Freecycle bounty could be the opposite of the last one, but since joining, I *have* been getting rid of stuff.  And I just posted more tonight, so there!

DH has downloaded an app to count calories, and in my sympathy diet, I am down 4 pounds in the last 10 days, and that was even before getting back to the gym.  So, Yay me!

One of my big goals this year, to help move things out of the house, is to work through my WIP (Work in Progress), aka UFO (Un-Finished Object), aka PIGS (Projects In Grocery Sacks).

I am pleased to report completing 2 that I will post here.  I inherited lots of UFOs from my mother, who has been gone 10 years now.  I can't throw any of them away, since my mother started them (OK, I may have thrown out some ugly needlepoints that she had barely started, but shhhhh....)  One of the UFOs was a sack of 200+ crocheted bedspread squares.  They were lovely, but the ends had not been woven in, and they had to be sewn together.  And who uses bedspreads these days anyway?  They are only seen in museums, I think.

I decided to turn them into 2 tablecloths for my married nephews.  And it took over a year, but they are BOTH done, and delivered.  I was able to deliver on in person over the summer, and got this picture to remember the project by:
The second was mailed out in October, and safe arrival has been confirmed.  Phew! 

Wait--that counts as TWO Finished Objects, doesn't it?  This is an important point, as I have a new rule that I must complete TWO UFOs before I start a new one.  This way, the total number of UFOs must eventually decrease, right?  And finished socks are excluded from the count either way, as once I complete one pair, I always start another, so that will always be a count of 1.

What?  How many UFOs so I currently have?  My, what remarkable weather we've been having, haven't we?

Here is my other Finished Object--the green cable sweater that went into hibernation while I worked on the tablecloths:

This was born out of envy when I finished my brother's sweater, and its crewneck twin for DH who wanted one as soon as he modeled my brother's for me.  There will be another sweater on the needles soon, but not sure if it will be for DH or me.  The boys say they don't want one.  Fine, more for me and DH!

I just checked the date on my brother's sweater--it was finished in March, 2011!  That  means I have knit TWO cable sweaters AND finished 2 tablecloths in a year and a half.  Maybe I'm doing better than I thought!


  1. Last month I bought fleece to make a quilt cover for the RV, but haven't gotten to it yet. I think that's the only UFO in my life unless you count all the house repair projects that are an ongoing part of our life.

    I don't have UFOs because I never get started!

  2. I am not sure which is better--yours is if you keep from buying the UFO ingredients in the first place! I have more than I will finish in my lifetime, I think. And I remember recognizing when my mother had reached that point with all her needlepoint. I guess she did too, because she stopped buying new ones, but we all blamed other distractions at the time.

    I can still fantasize that this will all keep me busy when I retire someday, and have a fixed income. But I do try to keep my hoarding habits in check...some days I do better than others.


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