Sunday, April 21, 2013

You're Missing All the Crabs!

The boys and I were invited to join some friends at Point Lobos this weekend.  We had hoped for whale watching, but with no whales in sight, the kids settled for spotting seals, starfish, cormorants, and seagulls instead.

The rocks were dramatic!  There were so many different types in one place--some of which was hard to believe was naturally made.  My junior high Earth Science teacher would have been very disappointed in how few I could name.  I remember "gneiss", but that is about it!

The kids all climbed big rocks and little ones, and spied on crabs scuttling around in the cracks.  I was not as fascinated by these as the kids were, but hey, everyone was enjoying the sunny day out by the water.

At one point, Barley and I ended up waaay on the other side of the beach from everyone else, so we headed over there to catch up with the rest.  It was a long path, crossing both wet and dry tidepool areas.  Barley scolded me about my pace, "Mom!  You're going so fast you're missing ALL the crabs!  Look at all these cracks for them to hide in, and you're not even looking!"

Well, I did remember to take some pictures, and while Barley sought out more scuttling critters, I smiled at this very boy's perspective on the old "smell the roses" admonition.

As you go through your week, remember to take time to hunt for crabs in your life!

(If I get ambitious, I may come back and load pictures of the rock formations).

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