Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Out With the Old

To wrap up the old year, I am starting a new tradition of revisiting things accomplished in 2013.  Most are sewing or knitting projects, but I may throw in some other things I am particularly proud of.

Finished Objects (stash burned):
  • 3 Wool (Debbie Bliss Chunky) capelets for V, S, and me (-9 balls of wool)
  • Blue quilt for friend's 50th birthday (-2 yards, bought some)
  • For me: (-5 wool, -3.5 yards) Purple cardigan, Apron
  • Grandma's needlepoint stocking for N
  • For Teddy: Fingerless mitts - blue, Socks (-2 yarn)
  • Socks for Barley (-1 yarn)
  • Socks for DH (-1 yarn)
  • Fingerless mitts for L (-1 yarn)
  • Kitchen locker hooked hotpad (bonus, got my sister-in-law hooked on it too!)
  • Black wool watchcap for my brother (-1 yarn)
  • Orange and blue poncho and fingerless gloves for KT (+5 yarn bought extra)
  • Fleece blankets in school colors for 5 of Teddy's friends, 3 for us, and 2 for the band to sell
  • 5 baby quilts for: colleague, non-sewing friend, 2 for nephew's kids, 1 Christmas quilt for V (-10 yards)
Overall stash burn: 
Fabric: (-15.5 yards, bought 2, NET -13.5 yards)
Wool: (-20 balls of yarn, bought 40 at a stash sale...oops, NET +20 balls yarn)
Moving on...other achievements this year:
  • Barley passed DH's height on his 12th birthday
  • Rolled out a major program at work
  • Teddy had his first stage kiss!
  • New wood floors
  • House painted, inside and out
  • New fancy couch 
The holiday finish line is in sight.  I wish you all a very Happy New Year!


  1. Looks like a good year to me. Hope the new year is happy and healthy for you and yours.


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