Wednesday, January 1, 2014

In With the New

OK, so this new year, I will continue the goal of whittling down the UFOs.  Here is the current confession:
  • Mittens for 2 nieces-in-law (done 1/10)
  • Socks for nephew T
  • Needlepoint stocking for niece K
  • Baby quilt color experiment
  • Purple quilt for me
  • Quilt for brother & sis-in-law
  • Red and white "strips that sizzle" quilt
  • Blue and white shibori quilt
  • Needlepoint pillow for sister
Stash-busting goals (UFOs in waiting):
  • Sweater for sis-in-law
  • Fingerless mitts to use up stash
  • New bathrobe for me
  • Quilted bags
  • Shorten sleeves
  • Dad's tie stocking for nephew
Perennial UFOs:
  • Socks for someone
  • Crochet string bag (I have enough thread for a bedspread.  I'll just keep making these for a while!)
I am sure this list will grow as I unearth more UFOs.  Sigh. 

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