Friday, January 3, 2014

Resolutions Again

So, Resolutions.   Same old, same old:
  • Lose weight
  • Get rid of stuff
I did make some progress on the weight goal last year.  Though this year's holiday binge-ing has put the lost weight back on, I did diet some, exercised more, and lost about 3 pounds over the year.  Not stunning progress, I know, but that means I managed to keep off the 5 pounds I had lost in 2012.  I had all  my pants taken in, after a colleague commented on my saggy butt (the pants, not me).  She didn't use those words, but when I checked myself out in the work mirror, I saw her point.

Exercising 2-3x per week has become a habit.  Largely thanks to the exercise band we got from work last year.  The electronic pat on the head has been helpful. So has the precor we purchased from craigslist last year.  When it stares at you in the living room, and you don't have to go out in cold weather, that is helpful.

This year, I will try to up it to 75 minutes of moderate exercise per week.  If I get that done by Friday night, my reward will be to sleep in on Saturday morning.  Else I will make myself get up and finish whatever time is remaining.

On the Stuff:  I have worked through a tiny bit of stash, but I am afraid I brought more fiber into the house than I got rid of.  Mostly through friend's stash sales and purges.  I will try to sew/knit through some of it this year, but my goal will remain to BUY no more unless it is needed for an *immediate* project.  Good luck to me on that one...


  1. You will need luck in order to keep from puirchasing more fiber! Actually, I have not purchased any in over a year! Hum, just thought of that.


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