Monday, December 17, 2018

Seeking Holiday Joy

I can feel my usual holiday blues creeping up on me.  As I see all the cheery decorations around, with instead of reacting with optimism and delight, I feel stress | obligation | dread.  I am working on recognizing the joy that is out there as well.   

Here are things that put a smile on my face:

  • Red and white traffic lights:  sure, it sucks to sit in traffic, but when the road curves a little, the ribbon of headlights and taillights are actually pretty.  Especially when they are close together in bumber-to-bumper traffic in the dark on the way home.  I try to see that instead of the cars.
  • Audiobooks:  My monthly Audible subscription, or Libby for free depending on what is available.  While I listen to mind-expanding or learning books in the morning, I let myself relaz with fiction on the way home.  This helps me better appreciate the ribbon lights just mentioned.
  • Picturesque houses:  I don’t live in these, but I love looking at them when I happen to pass them.  Sharp peaked roofs, twinkling lights, exuberant holiday decor.
  • Good hot food: Dieting kills my joy, so I am giving myself a partial pass for this month.  I love to eat flavorful food full of spice and variety, different from the bland fare preferred by the rest of my family.
  •  Stylish Clothing:  Whether thrifted or brand new, fun clothing helps me enjoy my day a bit more
  • Theater: Whenever I can afford the tickets.  Time and money well spent.  There are so many options over the holidays, from expensive to free local school and church concerts.  A rousing chorus of carols lifts my spirits.
  • Quiet time: for reading, crafting
I hope you are all able to find some joy for yourselves as well, whatever form it takes.

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