Sunday, February 28, 2021

About Time

I've been meaning to write a post since all this pandemic stuff hit the fan last March.  I could have gone on procrastinating until worldwide quarantine ends I'm sure, but I got a call today that reminded me that none of us gets unlimited time.

An old flame and I reconnected recently, and I've been feeling my way in the dark trying to figure out how this new relationship could work. The original split happened three decades ago. The old feelings are still there, but we have both lived a lifetime since then--including marriages and kids raised.

I've been puzzling over how to be friends with someone in the unique history we had, and in time I think we could figure it out. Except we don't know if we will get that time after all.

We all know time is not guaranteed to any of us. Unfortunately, the odds are now tipped against us with a dread diagnosis in play. I really hope this is wrong, but it is the kick I needed to start writing again. Because none of us might be here tomorrow. I will follow the advice of a colleague: Done is better than Perfect.

Today's blog title refers to the movie of the same title, starring Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams, and Bill Nighy.  Here is a link to the IMDB listing:

Below is my COVID-inspired Bucket List--with luck and love, I'll get to some of these soon:

  1. Ski the Alps (again)
  2. Spend time with my recently discovered birth family
  3. See my children launch into their adult lives
  4. Dance at my children's weddings
  5. Hold a grandchild
  6. Live in Europe for a while
  7. Live in Asia for a while
  8. Travel New Zealand and Australia
  9. Publish a book
  10. Hug my old flame

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