Saturday, March 30, 2024


It has been SIX years since I wrote this post pre-major life change: to report that I am in a *much* better place than I was then.

And 3 years since this post about being present, as time speeds up later in life: Postscript, my old flame passed away last year. I was able to hug him before it was too late, and I am grateful for the many talks we had.

OK, 3 years is long enough for a blog writing break, dontchathink?

During my divorce transition, when my stress was at its highest point, my friend made me a bracelet that said "Youv'e Got This". This bit of encouragement was a huge help in getting through each day.

Last year, I replaced this with a new one, titled "Becoming" because I am still finding out who I am:

  • Post Divorce
  • Post Pandemic
  • Post Empty Nest
  • Post previous career (job change last year)
  • Post Menopause

 Yeah, getting older too.  

My son has been pondering how we go about finding "Purpose" with a capital P in life.  I don't have an answer for him, as I am in that transition myself.

Until I figure who I want to be when I grow old, I have been working on becoming my best self in the meantime: losing weight, becoming more fit/active, learning Korean to better communicate with my birth family, and staying in better touch with friends. 

I am also enjoying my life more than before, and that was my goal 6 years ago. Getting there. It's a journey. I hope yours is going well too.

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