Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Korean Husband

Barley had a friend over today.  This friend happens to be Asian, and his whole family speaks a non-English language.  When the friend was picked up at the end of the playdate, his little sister stared at DH, then at Barley, then back at DH.  (I was not home)  Finally, she asked, " are you Korean?"

This was so funny--DH has brown hair and light skin covered in freckles.  Barley, unlike his brother who is a blend of DH and me, is my doppelganger.  He looks like me at his age, and appears 100% Korean.

DH smiled, and told the girl, "I'm not Korean at all.  Barley's mother is Korean."

The girl digested this information, then responded, "Oh.  You're lucky then."


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